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Zizigames.com Privacy Policy

Zizigames.com is a website for young people that has made a goal of providing great quality games for children and teens.

Collecting information

Many websites use customized systems to collect data about their visitors, using cookies to store on the local machine information such as login or browser. We have implemented a system that stores a cookie on your local machine, cookie called '__zzg__'. This cookie contains the ID of the game you marked as favorite and the preferred language. This cookie does not do trackbacks or any other harmful techniques. You are completely safe in it’s use. This way you can come back and play your favorite games week after week without any registration. We also store the IP for a couple of minutes for our online users check. We store the IP of visitors that submit games to us in the event of conflict that has copyright issues or illegal content that might be harmful to children. There might be other third party scripts installed that might store data about your visit or your actions but they are harmless. Nevertheless by entering the Zizigames.com website, you agree that browsing on the internet is not completely safe and that you might want to secure your internet connection and your PC by installing an Anti Virus and a Firewall program.

Sponsors and Third-Party websites

Zizigames.com has links to other gaming websites that might or might not have content suited for children. You must understand that by leaving SmallDressUp.com through one of those links you are fully aware that you are leaving this website and removing us from any conflicts that might appear between you and third-party websites. Zizigames.com displays advertisements on the game pages, advertisements from Google Adsense. Google offers child safe targeted ads to our users. Google is also using the DART cookie to collect information about every user. This cookie does not store any personal data or sensitive information and can be removed by you searching the cookie in the cookies folder of your browser on your PC.

Agreement to Zizigames.com

By playing on Zizigames.com and using this website, you consent with this Privacy Policy and you agree to be banned without any warnings if you are reported of misuse of our rules and terms. If you do not agree with our policy we politely ask you to stop using our system. You also agree that we may at any time change the contents of this Privacy Policy without any announcement.


zizigames.com has many types of dress up games for all ages. The copyright of these games are the sole property of their creators as we do not claim to have any rights upon the games hosted on our servers. Users agree that by submitting the game to us the physical file that is stored on our server is though our property and that we may decide to delete it, publish it or un-publish it without any previous announcement. If you think that someone is using your work and has stolen your creation please use the contact form in our contact page and write us a message containing the link to the page where you saw this copyright abuse and we will take immediate action to delete the game and report it to the proper authorities. All the games published on zizigames.com must follow the above rule and we can't be held responsible if those requirements are not met. We also take the right to publish a game with or without the links enabled and submitting the game to us you take this into consideration. The games are published with links only to our partners and you can become one very easy: contact us telling us your request and start publishing our games and we will add you to our partner list and you will have a fully featured game. The game is not tempered with in any way all the time that it is found on our servers.


We provide the option to Download a game for every user. This means that if a user would like to play a game locally on his/hers computer, the user can download it from our in game page and use it how he thinks best. Submitting games to us or having them published here allows us to have the download option for every game displayed on SmallDressUp.com and once a user downloaded the game they have the right to use it how they think best, outside our policies. Concerning the games that are produced in house and that can be found in the 'Download' section, they are our property and you are forbidden to decompile them, alter them in any way. You can however post them on your website(s) in the state that they are found on our server.

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